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NEWS | Dec. 12, 2020

Madigan COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Update

By Madigan Public Affairs

Madigan expects to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the very near future. Once the first shipment of vaccine becomes available, there will most likely be a limited supply. In the coming months, we will be working hard to protect families in the JBLM community by providing the vaccine to our staff and patients, which include service members, their families and our valued retirees, on a voluntary basis.

Certain groups, like frontline medical workers and JBLM first responders, will be recommended to get the vaccine first, based on CDC guidance.


We expect more vaccine early next year as the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) coordinates its COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan to protect the U.S. population, maintain military readiness, and support the nation’s pandemic response. Stay tuned for updates about the COVID-19 vaccine. In the meantime, please continue to properly wear masks, practice social distancing, and hand washing/hand hygiene. Stay healthy, stay informed, and stay safe!

For more details on the DoD COVID-19 vaccine distro plan: https://go.usa.gov/xA3RZ
Questions about the vaccine? Visit the CDC FAQs here: https://go.usa.gov/xA3nR

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.