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What is Occupational Health?

It is easy to confuse an Occupational Health Clinic with other medical clinics, but there are important differences. Medical clinics provide routine medical treatment and care for their patients. In the Occupational Health Services clinic, we evaluate federal employees based on federal and JBLM requirements to determine work fitness. Although there are limited circumstances where we may provide medical services, we do not establish a traditional doctor-patient relationship. We maintain an Occupational Health –federal employee relationship.

Here are some important reminders for your personal health and your health at work:

  • For conditions that require medical care, see your physician or personal health care provider 

  • For serious injuries or illness, go to the emergency room or appropriate medical specialist

  • After you are treated by an emergency or specialty physician, come to Occupational Health for a Return to Duty Evaluation.

For Occupational Health Appointments, please call the Puget Sound Military Appointment Center (PSMAC) at 800-404-4506. For Occupational Health Questions, please call 253-968-4840 and we will return your call within two working days. For serious work injuries or illness, seek immediate medical attention. If at JBLM, call 911 or go to the Madigan Emergency room.

Occupation Health…what we do:

  • Work in conjunction with the Command, Safety, Civilian Personnel, and supervisors to ensure that our Soldiers and federal employees are fit for duty to perform the essential functions of their job safely.

  • Strive to ensure optimal standards of health and safety in the work environment are achieved and maintained.

  • Occupational Health Objectives:

  • Promoting and maintaining the physical, mental and social well-being of all employees.

  • Preventing work related illnesses, injuries, and disabilities.

  • Protecting the individual from health risks presented in their work environment.

  • Providing education on creating and    sustaining a safe work setting.

Our Services:

Occupational Health offers an extensive range of services for federal employees including:

  • Federally mandated surveillance exams

  • Department of Transportation physicals

  • Pre-placement exams

  • Return to duty evaluations

  • Work accommodation assistance

  • Work related immunizations

  • Workplace exposure evaluations

  • Respirator clearance for respiratory fit testing

  • Worksite visits and inspections

  • Vision, hearing, & pulmonary function screening

  • Needle-stick and blood-borne pathogen exposure follow-up, avoidance, and training

  • Active duty in-processing & new civilian screening

  • Civilian pre-deployment screening

  • Work injury management & assistance


Walk-in Clinic

  • Hours: Monday-Fridays from 7:00 – 8:30 a.m. & 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

  • Employees will be screened for either a walk-in, scheduled appointment, or referred to the individual’s personal provider.

  • Allows for an evaluation of a work related injury or concern, which may include:

  1. Return to duty evaluation, for an absence of three working days or greater than 72 hours.

  2. An acute non-emergent work related injury or illness.

  3. For conditions that are not work related or require routine medical care, please see your personal healthcare provider.

Blood/Body Fluid (BBF Exposure) &/or Needlesticks

  • Immediately and thoroughly:

Wash: needlesticks or cuts with soap and water
Flush: splashes to nose, mouth or skin with water
Irrigate: eyes with water, saline or sterile irrigant

  • Inform supervisor

  • Go to the Emergency Room as soon as possible

  • Call the appointment line (PSMAC) at 1-800-404-4506 and ask for a nurse visit needlestick or BBF appointment in the Occupational Health Clinic on the same or next business day to schedule post-exposure follow up appointments


Contact Us

General Information


JBLM Department of Public Health
Building 9025, 5th Street
(I-5 Exit 122; off of Gardner Loop)

Clinic Hours:

Appointments:  Monday-Friday 7:00-11:30 a.m. & 12:30-3:30 p.m.
Walk-in Hours:  Monday-Fridays 7:00-8:30 a.m. & 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Respiratory Fit Testing: Wednesdays at Industrial Hygiene (by appointment), after being cleared by an Occupational Health Provider.  Phone: (253)968-4986

Contact Information:

For serious injuries or illnesses (e.g. bleeding, chest pain), seek immediate medical attention by dialing 911 or report to the emergency room.
For work related injuries, please contact Occupational Health: Phone: (253) 968-4986;
Fax: (253)968-5903
For annual physical exams, please call PSMAC to schedule at:  1-800-404-4506
Employee Assistance Program (EAP):  Phone: (253)732-2214


Madigan Information

Telephone Number(s)

Madigan Directory Assistance:
(253) 968-1110
Puget Sound Military Appointment Center:
(800) 404-4506
Health Net Federal Services:    
(844) 866-9378
Madigan Referral Management Center:    
253-968-1145 option #5
Patient Assistance Center:    
(253) 968-1145 
Beneficiary Counseling & Assistance Coordinators:     
(253) 968-1145, option #3
Patient Advocacy
253-968-1145, option #4
Nurse Advice Line (always open):    
(800) TRICARE (874-2273)


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